Coming Soon M-08 CONCEPT

1/10電動Mサイズカテゴリーのリヤ駆動新車種として、M-08 CONCEPTシャーシキットが登場します。
・デフはオイル封入式ギヤデフ(TA06、M-07 CONCEPTと共通)
・サスペンションはM-07 CONCEPTと共通のロングアームタイプ
・「54787 アルミリヤスキッドサスマウントセット」、「54781 アルミリヤアップライト 」、「54813 ローフリクションキングピンパイプ」といったM-07用オプションパーツが使用可能

The long-running and popular M-Chassis series welcomes a new member with the M-08 Concept chassis, which employs a midship motor, rear-wheel drive layout for superior rear traction, plus a main frame split into front and rear sections.
• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• The chassis is split into front (suspension and servo) and rear (motor and battery) sections. It can be assembled into three different wheelbases: S (210mm), M (225mm) or L (239mm).
• Rear-midship motor powers rear wheels via a differential in the MR setup.
• Oil-filled differential gear is the TA06 design, which was also employed on the M-07 Concept chassis.
• Features proven M-07 Concept designs: suspension arms, uprights, suspension mounts and aluminum parts.
• Includes CVA oil dampers, universal drive shafts, full ball bearings and hi-torque servo saver.
• Comes with new front suspension mounts (0 degrees) and hub carriers (2 degrees) for a total caster angle of 2 degrees, and smooth cornering.
• Compatible with M-06 Chassis bodies.
• Compatible with M-07 Concept Hop-Up Option parts such as Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Skid Angle Adjustment) (54787), Aluminum Rear Uprights (54781) and Low-Friction King Pin Pipes (54813).