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BBC micro:bit resources and information

micro:bit is a registered trademark of Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

This page features BBC micro:bit programs for use with Tamiya products, plus other useful information. Click on one of the links below to be taken to that topic.

Programs available for download
Re-installing the pre-installed program (avoiding obstacles)
Controlling the robot remotely
Item 71201 Microcomputer Robot (Crawler Type) information page
Programming information page

Programs Available for Download
Right click the link below for the program you wish to download, and select "Save Link As" or a like command to download it. More detailed instructions are given in the section below on re-installing the pre-installed program.

01_DrivingProgram - this is the program which is pre-installed when Item 71201 is purchased

02_ControllerProgram - this program allows use of a second (separately sold) BBC micro:bit as a controller.

03_RunningProgram - this program can be used as a base for your own programs. It repeats 2 seconds of forward motion and 1-second left turns.

04_UltrasonicProgram - this program can be used as a base for your own programs. The buzzer sound changes as the robot nears an obstacle.

05_RadioControlProgram - this program can be used as a base for your own programs. A BBC micro:bit is used as a controller, with the A button giving 2 seconds of forward motion, the B button 2 seconds of reverse, and tilt giving a 1-second turn.

Please note that Tamiya provides a simple guide to BBC micro:bit programs for the Microcomputer Robot.
Customers may also find resources such as that at the link below useful:
Tamiya is not responsible for the contents of third party sites.

Re-Installing the Pre-Installed Program (avoiding obstacles)
In the event that you wish to reinstall the pre-installed program that directs the robot to avoid obstacles, follow the steps below.

Items required
★PC* (Windows, iOS, etc.) with access to the internet ★Micro USB cable (sold separately) ★Microcomputer Robot (Crawler Type)
*This process may not work on smart phones and tablets.

1. Turn off the model using the switch on the robot, and connect the BBC micro:bit to your PC using a micro USB cable. The PC must have access to the internet.

2. When connected properly, the BBC micro:bit will appear on your PC as an external drive called "MICROBIT". If it does not appear, try using a different micro USB cable to connect the BBC micro:bit to your PC.

3. Download the 01_DrivingProgram hex file from this page (see above) by right-clicking the link and choosing "Save Link As" or a like command.

4. Check that the program has been saved correctly onto your PC.

5. Drag and drop the program onto the MICROBIT drive to copy it onto the BBC micro:bit.

★Remove the micro USB cable. Turn on the robot and check it moves as described in the "GET MOVING!" section on page 8 of the Microcomputer Robot (Crawler Type) instruction manual.

Controlling the Robot Remotely
If using a controller to control the robot remotely, separately sold BBC micro:bit, M parts, battery case and two R6/AA/UM3 batteries are required. To use the separately sold BBC micro:bit as a controller, download and copy onto it 02_ControllerProgram from this page (see above).

Information is correct as of July 19, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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