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Limited Edition R/C Items

Buggies & Pick-Up Trucks
1/14 Tractor Trucks
Tractor Truck Option Parts
TamTech-Gear (Kits)
Glow-Engine Cars

XB Glow Engine Cars
Sailing Series
Aviation Series
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RC Mini 4WD

Star Unit Series
Tamiya R/C Systems
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R/C Chassis

1/24 Sports Cars
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1/35 Military Miniatures
1/35 Motorized Tanks
1/48 Advancing Minitanks

1/48 Military Miniatures
1/32 Aircraft
1/48 Aircraft
1/72 War Bird Collection
1/48 Propeller Action
1/350 Ships
1/700 Water Line
1/16 World Figures
Tamiya Italeri Series

Military Collection Series
Masterwork (Cars)
Masterwork (Motorcycles)
Masterwork (Military)
Masterwork (Aircraft)
Masterwork (Ships)
Masterwork (Other)
1/100 Combat Planes
1/48 MM Collection

Limited Edition Models
Detail-Up Parts
1/24 Collector's Club
1/64 Collector's Club
1/35 Dinosaur Diorama
1/35 Prehistoric World
1/100 Space Shuttle Orbiter

Mini 4WD REV
Mini 4WD PRO
Fully Cowled Mini 4WD
Aero Mini 4WD
Super Mini 4WD
Mighty Mini 4WD
Racing Mini 4WD
Mini 4WD Grade-Up Parts

Mini 4WD Limited Edition
Mini 4WD Products (Other)
Mini 4WD
Truckin' Mini 4WD
Wild Mini 4WD
Mini 4WD Mechanical
Dangun Racers
Dangun Racer EVO

Educational Construction
Motors & Gearboxes
Tires & Tracks
Structural Parts
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Control Units
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Eco-Energy Construction
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Technicraft Series
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Cements & Putties
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Craft Tools (Other)
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Finishing Materials

Display Goods
Airbrush Systems
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Acrylic Paint (Gloss)
Acrylic Paint (Flat)
Enamel Paint (Gloss)

Enamel Paint (Flat)
Acrylic Paint Mini (Gloss)
Acrylic Paint Mini (Flat)
Tamiya Color Spray Paints
Tamiya Colors for Aircraft
Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint

Paint Markers (Gloss)
Paint Markers (Flat)
Polycarbonate Spray Paint
Polycarbonate Markers
Mini 4WD Spray Paints
Mini 4WD PRO Markers
Decoration Series

Tamiya Publications

Original Goods (Novelties)

Original Goods (Apparel)

Original Goods (Other)

*Explanations describe product specifications at time of release.
*Model specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Pictures show fully painted and assembled models.
*Some items may be discontinued and no longer available.
*Some items may not be available in certain countries.

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