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Tamiya Publications

Tamiya not only releases models but also produces various publications. Some are periodical such as Tamiya News and Tamiya Model Magazine International, and allow modelers to stay informed about Tamiya's new releases and to learn tips and tricks to make their models even more realistic.
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Periodical Publications

Tamiya News

This monthly publication gives information on Tamiya's latest releases. This publication also features articles about museums around the world, events, clubs, and masterpiece models.

*Only available in Japanese.

Tamiya Model Magazine International

This magazine is published monthly by Doolittle Media Ltd. Starting with Tamiya models, this all-color publication introduces the world's models with rich descriptions. You will be impressed by the quality of the models and learn many tricks on how to push the boundaries of realism.

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Tamiya Catalog

Tamiya catalogs include all the information you need about Tamiya's static models, Mini 4WD cars, and even a smattering of R/C models! This comprehensive publication features numerous pages of beautiful shots of our latest and most popular products, and is a must have for any Tamiya fans!

2 versions are available: Japanese, and English/French/German/Spanish.

Company Chairman Shunsaku Tamiya's Novel

CoverMaster Modeler, Creating The Tamiya Style
Published by Kodansha International Ltd., 242 pages

Company Chairman Shunsaku Tamiya's novel, traces Tamiya's development from its humble origins as a small maker of wooden models, to its expansion into the production of plastic models, R/C cars, and Mini 4WD models. The book also features some beautiful color photographs of classic products from the Tamiya archives.

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