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Programming Construction Series No.2
Microcomputer Robot (Wheeled Type)
Item No: 71202

Length: 185mm. Image shows assembled kit.

Microcomputer-Controlled Fun
This assembly kit creates a wheeled robot that runs using a BBC micro:bit microcomputer, ultrasonic sensor and motor driver circuit. When the ultrasonic sensor identifies an obstacle ahead it transmits that information to the BBC micro:bit, which uses a pre-installed program to give the motors commands to avoid the obstacle. Arms and head move as the robot advances. Separately sold parts can be used to control the robot remotely, and BBC micro:bits can be coded with original programs via computer, too.

A Great Intro to Coding!
The included BBC micro:bit has a program pre-installed, meaning you can play with the robot once you have assembled it and got your batteries. With the use of a computer, the BBC micro:bit can additionally be coded to perform a range of actions defined by you - the free online MakeCode editor is a great tool for doing so! It uses intuitive visual programming, where you combine different individual commands in blocks to achieve your final program. For those who wish to, a second BBC micro:bit (sold separately) can be used as a remote controller.
micro:bit is a registered trademark of Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

★Length: 136mm, width: 128mm, height: 116mm (dimensions are approximate) ★Two Type 130 motors included. ★No cement required for assembly.

Separately Required Items
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries x2


Click here to visit a page with information about the BBC micro:bit, plus resources for use with Tamiya products.
Click here to visit a page with information about programming Microcomputer Robots via the BBC micro:bit.

★A pair of Type 130 motors are used to power the model, in a transparent twin gearbox. Wheels are fitted with rubber tires.

★The BBC micro:bit circuit board measures around 4x5cm. It features a directional sensor, wireless transmission and more.

★This kit includes all the necessary hardware to get started - BBC micro:bit, Motor Driver Circuit (mi-01) and Ultrasonic Sensor (mi-02).

★Left: A base program comes pre-installed on the BBC micro:bit, which has the robot turn to avoid obstacles which hinder its path.

★Right: The MakeCode editor is a free online resource which lets you write code for the BBC micro:bit using visual programming.

★Left: A second BBC micro:bit (sold separately) can be used as a remote controller, a whole different way to play with this robot.

★Right: A computer with internet connection, plus a micro USB cable are required if you want to try coding your BBC micro:bit.

Information is current as of November 22, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.