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Item No:70249

Educational Construction Series (Units) No.249


Image shows assembled prototypes.

★These joints allower powered rotation in one direction only. ★They are compatible with 2mm and 3mm hex shafts, as well as 4mm threaded shafts, and can also be fixed to universal plates and the like, and even fitted with Mini 4WD car small-diameter low-profile tires. ★Diameter: 21.2mm, height: 20mm, weight: 2.8g (measurements are approximate) ★Tools required for assembly: side cutters, (+) screwdriver
  • ★3x60mm, 3x27mm and 3x8mm hex shafts, plus 3x8mm tapping screws are also included.
  • ★Example of use: an intriguing inchworm robot, which mimics the motion of its counterpart in the natural world.

Information is current as of May 6, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.