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Item No:70245

Educational Construction Series (Units) No.245


Length: 57mm. Image shows assembled kit.

About the Model
★This is a mini motor gearbox (2-speed) which features a slim 15mm width. Flat sides help attach it closely to target surfaces. ★Also, this model includes mount parts for not only sides but also top and bottom which give great freedom of setup. Top and bottom mount parts help attach battery boxes. ★Flat sides help attach it closely to target surfaces, and make a double gearbox by using two gearboxes. ★The motor has minimal electric energy consumption and noise, and this gearbox can be used to make R/C models and robots. ★Crank plates are also included to change rotation to straight movement. ★Two gear ratios are possible (71.4:1 and 149.9:1). ★Length: 57mm, width: 15mm, height: 22mm.
  • Check out the gearbox's seriously slim dimensions here!
  • ★This product includes a small motor and crank plates.
  • ★It can be paired with separately sold battery boxes, too!

Examples of Use
See below for some examples we have come up with here! Click this link to see a gif of the creations in action.

  • ★The Walker
  • ★Slide Walker
  • ★4-Legs
  • ★The Crawler
  • ★The Roller

Information is current as of April 28, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.