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Item No:54358

Hop-Up Options No.1358


★Get started with tuning by fitting this Type 540 motor! ★It will provide excellent acceleration and speed, and can be used on models from on-road to off, even on big tire vehicles! ★Input voltage: 6.6-7.2V ★Torque at recommended load: 16,000rpm (7.2V) ★Maximum torque: 30mN?・m ★Current consumption at recommended load: 10A (7.2V)


XV-01 Chassis / XV-01T Chassis / XV-01 PRO Chassis: Use extension if cable is too short.
TT-02 Chassis / TT-01 TYPE-E Chassis / TT-02RR Chassis / DT-02 Chassis / TT-02B Chassis / WR-02 Chassis / WR-02G Chassis / WR-02C Chassis / WR-02CB Chassis / GF-02 Chassis / GF-01 Chassis / GF-01TR Chassis / GF-01CB Chassis / G6-01 Chassis / G6-01TR Chassis / CC-01 Chassis / CC-02 Chassis: Requires full ball bearings.
TA08 PRO Chassis: Use 13450944 between motor and motor plate, and attach with two 3x10mm screws. Attach pinion opposite to instruction manual.