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Item No:50356

R/C Spare Parts No.356

20T,21T AV Pinion Gear Set

Replace parts in a timely fashion to ensure that your car runs at peak performance.


TB-05 PRO Chassis / M-05 Chassis / M-05 PRO Chassis / M-05 ver.U PRO Chassis / M-06 Chassis / M-06 PRO Chassis / WR-02 Chassis / WR-02G Chassis / WR-02C Chassis / WR-02CB Chassis / GF-02 Chassis / GF-01 Chassis / GF-01TR Chassis / GF-01CB Chassis / G6-01 Chassis / G6-01TR Chassis / CC-01 Chassis: Only 20T is used.
TA06 Chassis / TA06 PRO Chassis / TA06 MS Chassis / TC-01 Chassis: Only 21T can be used.
DF-02 Chassis: Use with 53703.
F104PRO II Chassis: Use with 51609.
TA07 MS Chassis: Use with 51356, 51423, 51548.