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Famous Ships of the World in 1/700 Scale
These majestic queens of the high seas are associated with numerous epic tales from the seven oceans of the world. Modellers can enjoy collecting the ships from various fleets such as those from the Japanese Navy. This series is a collaborative effort between three model manufacturers in Shizuoka, including of course Tamiya. As the series name suggests, the models in this line-up all omit the portion of the hull below the waterline to enable them to be displayed as though they were at sea. The compact 1/700 scale is the perfect size for collecting your model fleet and the amount of detail included even in this small scale will surprise you. With over 100 ships in the series, it is perhaps the largest collection of its kind in the world!

Waterline Series Product List

Featuring modern ships from the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force.
Battleships & Carriers
Features the mightiest Japanese Navy battleships and aircraft carriers.
Fast and heavily-armed, these Japanese cruisers played a vital role in many naval engagements.
Destroyers & Submarines
Destroyers were the protectors of the Japanese fleet while submarines are the silent hunters.
Foreign Navies
Compare ship designs from various countries of the world.
Includes models such as small vessels and aircraft to liven up your diorama.

 Waterline Talk
The Waterline Series was created by the Shizuoka Plastic Model Manufacturers Association in May 1971. For those fans who have been with the series since the beginning, those who had not been born yet when it started, and those who may not have kept up with developments, we can tell you that the series is alive and well. There are now over 150 products in the line-up, with most of them being ships from various WWII navies, so it is like a historical record of 20th Century naval power. How about taking a trip back in time with us to rediscover these majestic ships?
Episode 1 |  Episode 2 |  Episode 3

 Waterline Publications (Japanese Language Only)

1/700 Waterline Series Guide Book of Imperial Japanese Navy Ships (Revised Edition)

Increase your enjoyment of Waterline Series models with this detailed guide book, which covers everything from basic assembly tips and adding extra detail to diorama creation. The book also features information regarding fleet constitutions, battle formations, markings, and special terms to increase your knowledge of the Imperial Japanese Navy in WWII. Click here for more information.

Random Japanese Warship Details Vol.1 & Vol.2

These two volumes feature a wealth of information regarding the construction of WWII Japanese Navy ships as well as numerous highly useful reference illustrations. Detailed explanations are given for the hull, bridge, funnels, forecastle, mizzen-masts, and armament, making them essential references for any ship modeller.  Click here for Vol.1 / Click here for Vol.2

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【 The Ideal Spray Paint Color for Ships 】 
These spray paint items are ideal for painting these 1/700 Waterline Series models. WWII Japanese Navy ships in particular can be conveniently painted using TS-66 IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) and TS-67 IJN Gray (Sasebo Arsenal). Click here for more information.

 Waterline Links
The Waterline Series is cooperatively produced by the three member companies of the Shizuoka Plastic Model Manufacturer's Association: Tamiya, Inc., Aoshima, Ltd., and Hasegawa Corp. Each of these companies offer many other products in their line-ups, so please visit their respective homepages to check them out.

Aoshima Ltd.

Hasegawa Corp.

(The information on this page is current as of August 7th, 2008.)

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