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Item No:87227

Other No.227


This anti-slip sticker is perfect for a range of modeling uses, from sticking it on the underside of a display base to using it on tools such as your cutting mat or ruler. You can even add it to tweezer tips for enhanced pickups! It can be cut to your desired size using scissors.

Size: 75mm x 150mm. Thickness: 0.5mm (excluding backing film). Highly adhesive double-sided tape on the reverse ensures the sticker stays in place.

Directions for use
1. Make sure the target surface is free of dust, moisture, oil and the like.
2. Cut the sticker to size, remove the backing film and apply it to the target surface.
3. Dust build-up can impact the anti-slip effect. Be sure to clean around the area regularly. Remove any dust with tape, etc.

Examples of use

  • Use as anti-slip pads on the underside of display bases.

  • Stick onto a ruler to make sure it doesn't slip when you use it while cutting or drawing.

  • Put onto tweezer tips for even better grip.
  • Stick 2 sheets together on their adhesive sides for a double-sided anti-slip sheet, then add some abrasive paper on top and get sanding!
  • Highly adhesive double-sided tape is used for the adhesive surface.
  • A quick look at how it works - the block on the left has an anti-slip sticker applied.

Information is current as of January 10, 2024. Specifications are subject to change without notice.