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Item No:87119

Scenery No.119


Recreating Snow Surfaces
In diorama creations, snow is often used to express a winter field, severe cold atmosphere, and even a moment of quietness. This water-based paint features a paste-like texture with white marble particles (0.05-0.35mm) which realistically recreate snow surfaces. When used in conjunction with the Powder Snow Effect paint which has finer marble particles, a wide variation of snow surfaces can be richly recreated. The bottle contains enough paint to cover a B4-sized area (1 coat).  ※Click to see the chart for paint combinations.
※Click to see the chart for paint combinations.

Wide Variety of Snow Expressions
There are a variety of snow surface conditions to be reproduced. Apply the "Snow Effect" in combination with "Powder Snow Effect" to change the snow coverage condition to reproduce various snow surfaces. The paint also features easy application and has no unpleasant smell.
Snow = Sugar?
This snow effect paint can also be used for recreating sugar frostings on miniature sweets replicas. Apply to the desired place using a toothpick and when the paint dries, the particles settle onto the surface without the need for cement. ※When using the completed sweets replicas as accessories, apply a topcoat of varnish to prevent the texture paint from coming off.
  • Take out the paint using tools such as toothpick.
  • Apply to your desired place using toothpick at angle.
  • Look at this sugar-brushed cookie replica!

Information is current as of July 13, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.