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Item No:82182

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint


Lacquer Paints
Tamiya Color bottled Lacquer Paints are highly versatile - whether using them to airbrush large areas, or pick out fine details with a brush, their stunning, consistent tones add superlative realism to your model. Their tough membrane suits them ideally to use as a basecoat, resistant to enamel paints, while swift drying times ensure an efficient painting process. A dedicated thinner is available.
*Colors may vary slightly from Tamiya Color Acrylics and Sprays with the same name.
★This paint uses solely red pigment. It causes minimal cloudiness when mixed, and is recommended for making your own custom hues. ★Use Tamiya Color lacquer thinner to thin or clean up. ★Please note that if used unmixed, it may experience bleeding through of the color underneath. ★Bottle contents: 10ml
  • ★This shows various concentrations with LP-2 White.
  • ★Check out the combination of LP-82 and LP-8 Pure yellow. (Effect varies with concentration of LP-82.)
  • ★This image shows a combination of LP-81 and LP-41 Mica blue. (Effect varies with concentration of LP-82.)
  • ★Compare the combination of LP-2 White and LP-7 Pure red (left) vs. LP-82 (right). (Effect varies with concentration of colors.)
  • ★Three mixing colors were released simultaneously!
  • ★This illustration shows the effects of combining various colors.

Information is current as of January 20, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.