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【 The Perfect Paint for Your Model Ship 】 These colors are ideal for painting 1/700 Scale Waterline Series models as well as ship models of other scales. Two types of IJN Gray, Kure Arsenal and Sasebo Arsenal, are available as spray paints to enable you to paint your Japanese Navy ship models with ease. For example, IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) can be used to finish the battleship Yamato, which was built there. IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) is also available in a jar as an Tamiya Acrylic Paint color (XF-75), which can be used to touch up smaller areas.
 While the 1/700 Scale Waterline Series is a collaborative effort by three Shizuoka-based plastic model manufacturers including Tamiya, these paints can be used to finish ship models by other makers as well. Below you will find a list of WWII Japanese Navy ships which were built at Kure and Sasebo and are currently available in model form from the listed makers. Tamiya paints would be ideal for painting any of these. (Some repainting may be required to depict ships as they appeared after repairs or modifications.)

The ships below were built or modified at the Kure and Sasebo Arsenals.
Ship Type Built at Kure Arsenal Model Manufacturer Built at Sasebo Arsenal Model Manufacturer
Ship Name Ship Name
Battleship Yamato Tamiya    
Nagato Aoshima    
Fuso Aoshima    
Aircraft Carrier Soryu Aoshima Akagi (at time of conversion) Hasegawa
Unyo (at time of conversion) Aoshima Kaga (at time of conversion) Hasegawa
(at time of conversion)
Aoshima Taiyo
(at time of conversion)
Katsuragi Aoshima    
Cruisers Nachi Hasegawa Tatsuta Hasegawa
Atago Aoshima Kuma Tamiya
Mogami Tamiya Nagara Tamiya
    Yubari Tamiya
    Agano Tamiya
    Yahagi Tamiya
Destroyers     Mutsuki Hasegawa
    Mikazuki Hasegawa
    Hatsuharu Aoshima
    Shiratsuyu Tamiya
    Asashio Hasegawa
    Yukikaze Aoshima
Seaplane Tenders Chitose Aoshima    
Chiyoda Aoshima    
Submarines I-68 Hasegawa    
I-361 Hasegawa    
I-400 Aoshima    

■TS-66 IJN Gray
 (Kure Arsenal) 

Item 85066

■XF-75 IJN Gray
 (Kure Arsenal)

Item 81775

■TS-67 IJN Gray
 (Sasebo Arsenal)

Item 85067

【 Other Colors Common for All WWII Japanese Navy Ships 】
TS-33 Dull Red
Item 85033

TS-68 Wooden Deck Tan
Item 85068

TS-69 Linoleum Deck Brown
Item 85069

1/700 Scale Large Vessel Display Case (without Base)
ITEM 73015 

This high quality display case is ideal for protecting your model from dust and humidity. (Dimensions: 427mm×107mm×90mm)

1/700 Scale Large Vessel Display Base (Fiber Board)
ITEM 89678

Use together with the display case to turn your model into the highlight of any room. (Outside Dimensions: 435mmx114mm×12mm)

The information on this page is current as of February 8, 2006. Specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

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