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1/350 Ship Series No.23

Japanese Heavy Cruiser Mogami
Item No:78023 

Length=573mm (Image shows assembled and painted model.)  ※Enlarged Image

【 Packing Ten 20.3cm Guns 】 The Mogami-class was designed in 1931 as 8,500-ton light cruisers armed with five triple 15.5cm gun turrets, and the lead ship of the class, the Mogami, was completed in July 1935. She was rearmed with twin 20.3cm gun turrets in 1939 and it was in this configuration that she entered the war. She and her three sister ships formed the Japanese Second Fleets's Cruiser Division 7 and were assigned to support the landings at Malaya. During the Battle of Sunda Strait in March 1942, Mogami and her sister ship Mikuma sank the heavy cruiser USS Houston and light cruiser HMAS Perth. Following extensive damage suffered at the Battle of Midway, her stern was dramatically modified to carry reconnaissance floatplanes in an effort to enhance the fleet's scouting capabilities. She took part in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944, where she was severely damaged by U.S. carrier aircraft and had to be scuttled by friendly forces.

【 Mogami Specifications 】 ●Standard Displacement: 12,400 tons ●Length: 200.6m ●Output: 152,000hp ●Top Speed: 35 knots ●Armament (As Heavy Cruiser) Twin 20.3cm gun turret x5, Twin 12.7cm gun turret x4, Twin 25mm cannon mount x4, Twin 13mm machine gun mount x2, Triple 61cm torpedo launcher x4 ●Aircraft: Mitsubishi F1M Observation Seaplane, Aichi E13A Reconnaissance Seaplane

【 About the Model 】 ★1/350 scale plastic assembly kit of the Japanese Heavy Cruiser Mogami. Length: 573mm, Beam: 76mm. ★The ship's hull separates into port and starboard parts and the one-piece lower hull helps to produce the form of the beautiful bow. ★Large parts depicting the ship's hull and deck are secured with screws, allowing you to accurately build the model. ★Main and secondary battery turrets, torpedo launchers, and catapult are moveable after completion of the model. ★Strong ABS resin parts used to depict fore and aft masts. ★Bridge windows and searchlight lenses are reproduced with clear plastic parts. ★Anti-aircraft guns have rich details. ★Parts for Mitsubishi F1M (x2), Aichi E13A (x4) aircraft, together with a stand to enable in-flight display, are also included. ★Full hull model display stand included. ★Metal parts depict anchor chains and propeller shafts.

20.3cm gun turrets may be posed with gun barrels at either standard or anti-aircraft elevations.

Newly-molded parts depict the equipment around the bridge area as well as the fore and aft masts and feature accurate details for the heavy cruiser.

Compare the Mogami's heavy cruiser stern area with the same area when she was an aircraft-carrying cruiser.

Model may be assembled as a full hull model with display stand or waterline model.

Photo-etched parts are included to depict details such as crane, catapult, aircraft propellers, and trolleys.

Main colors: TS-33 Dull Red, TS-66 IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal), and TS-69 Linoleum Deck Brown

1/350 Degaussing Cable Set
Item No:12630 

Photo-etched parts are used to depict degaussing cables which were built and used by the Japanese Navy to protect their ships from magnetic torpedoes. The set can be widely used for Japanese Navy vessels such as the Mogami and includes approximately 2m of cables enough for large scale warships like the Yamato. →Click here for usage example.

※Image shows Crew Set in use.

1/350 Scale Crew Set (144 Pieces)
Item No:12622 

Add greater realism to your model with this plastic 1/350 scale Crew Set. The set includes a total of 24 figures for each of the 6 different positions such as saluting, pointing to a direction, and one arm behind their back totaling 144 pieces. →Click here for more information.

The information on this page is current as of December 16, 2009.

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