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Item No:76677

Tamiya Decoration Series (Decoration) No.77


★Use this topping sauce to add a glamorous and sparkling finish to sweets decoration creations such as parfaits, ice cream, macarons, and fruit! ★The material dries clear, studded with sparkling points that are sure to make any creation a glitzy masterpiece! ★It's also great for use with plastic plate, making accessories such as brooches or small jewelry. Add some sparkle to your life!

《Directions for Use》
@Point bottle downwards and squeeze out the desired amount.
AThe surface of the suace will be dry in around an hour; it will take 1 to 2 days for the material to dry completely.
BApply multiple layers of sauce for a stronger color.
  • ■Orange Lam? (Item76677)

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