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Item No:76614

Tamiya Decoration Series (Coloring) No.14


【 Looks Fresh From the Oven! 】
This handy item comes in a package which is reminiscent of an eye shadow palette. Apply the color pigments onto your miniature sweets replicas and watch them take on an appetizing oven-baked hue!

【 How to Apply 】
Use the included sponge-tipped applicator tool to pick up an amount of pigment and gently dab it onto the surface of your sweets replica. The brush can be used to spread the pigment if a more balanced appearance is desired.(※This product is not edible.)


  • ■Light Brown
    Ideal for replicas such as wafers or as the base color of cookies, etc.
  • ■Brown
    Focus on the edges when applying this color to create the ideal oven-baked look!
  • ■Dark Brown
    Use this color to highlight the edges for greater realism!


  • ■Muffin
    Using the brush on the applicator tool, give the surface a light dusting of Brown pigment.
  • ■Pancake
    Use the brush on the applicator tool to spread the Brown pigment evenly across the entire surface.
  • ■OtherMiniatures
    Try using different techniques to recreate the look of other baked goodies!

Information is current as of February 24, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.