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Item No:74802

Tamiya Airbrush Lite Series No.2


A Great Introduction to Double Action Airbrushes
The SX 0.5D is a great first step for those new to airbrushing. It is easy to use and features a 0.5mm-diameter nozzle whose paint flow is perfect for finishes on larger areas such as car model panels, or also for applying metallic paint jobs, surface primer and so on. The double-action mechanism allows for separate control of air and paint volumes as you paint. Excellent durability is provided by the metal body, which is fitted with a large 15cc paint cup. Fluororesin needle packing material offers excellent resistance to thinners used during painting and cleaning. This airbrush can be used for the application of Tamiya acrylic, enamel and even lacquer paints. It is also compatible with Tamiya air sources such as the Compressor Revo II.