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Tamiya Craft Tools Series

Modeling Scissors, Diamond File, Bending Pliers

Photo-etched parts allow you to add exceptional detail to your model, however, they can be difficult to work with for inexperienced users. In order to make using photo-etched parts easy, Tamiya releases a fantastic range of tools specially designed for use with stainless and brass photo-etched sheets. Designed for ease of use and long-lasting quality, all tools have been fully tested by Tamiya's very own master modelers.

Modeling Scissors
Item No:74068
The difficult task of trying to cut out photo-etched parts with a modeling knife is now a thing of the past thanks to this handy set of scissors. Specially designed for use with photo-etched parts, the sharply pointed tip can cut into the narrowest joints, preventing accidental bending of parts during cutting.

Designed for Precision Cutting
The blade of the scissors also features a curved tip, preventing blocking of view when cutting out fine parts. With this clear view you can cut as close to the part as possible, without fear of error. These handy scissors also come with a safety cap, keeping the blades protected, ensuring long term use.

Diamond File
Item No:74066
This diamond file is specially designed to file down photo-etched parts following removing from sprue. #400 finish is suited to the hard metal surface of photo-etched parts, providing an ideal balance of grit and polish. Able to file in both directions, this handy file will get the job done faster than standard files or abrasives.

Get the Job Done Faster
File teeth pattern has been specially designed not to catch on thin photo-etched parts. Curved surface is handy for filing round or hard-to-reach places, and easy-grip handle reduces strain on hand whilst maintaining optimum control.

Bending Pliers
Item No:74067
Long-nosed pliers specially designed for use with photo-etched parts. Guaranteeing precision bending for all sized pieces, the tip of the pliers is designed for use with small parts while the side is meant for bending large parts. Easy grip handle provides comfortable use whilst maintaining premium control.

No Scratches, All Sizes
Smoothed down nose allows you to apply the necessary strength to obtain an accurate bend without leaving any ugly scratches. Angled nose has been designed to allow you to bend past 90deg, compensating for the spring back effect which occurs after bending metal.

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