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Item No:70235

Educational Construction Series (Parts) No.235


★This informative set lets you assemble a working rack and pinion system that translates rotation into lateral motion. ★Features a clutch on the pinion gear to help protect your model from sudden stresses. ★Why not use to create a forklift mechanism, a sliding door, or anything else your imagination comes up with? ★Compatible with universal arm products available in the Educational Construction series. ★Contains two 170mm x 10mm rack gears, two 42T pinion gears, brackets and small parts for attachment.
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  • ★This project shows an uncomplicated example of how the set translates rotation into lateral motion.
  • ★Why not create a set of rack and pinion-powered pincers with some nifty grabbing moves?
  • ★Sliding doors are a common feature in daily life and can be recreated too!
  • ★In this project, the rack and pinion system was used for an operating forklift.
  • ★Propel ping-pong balls with this construction idea using a spoon and rubber band in addition to the set.
  • ★You could also add some floweriness to your construction with plastic plate!
  • ★Here, multiple rack gears are employed for a complex looking end result.

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