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Item No:64150


Rondom Japanese Warship Details VOL.2

This handy reference is not only useful when building a ship model, the abundant illustrations inside also educate modellers about the actual construction of these large warships. Vol.2 covers the hull, bow, stern, hull equipment, deck, deck equipment, superstructure, and shipboard auxiliary vessels, each in its own chapter. The text is based on declassified information and is accompanied by rich illustrations, making it a must-have for any ship modeller. It is the same size as the Tamiya Catalogue and features 41 pages.


  • ■Illustrations and line drawings of various bow designs.
  • ■Features of complex stern areas, especially the rudders.
  • ■Capstans, skylights, and bollards located on decks.
  • ■Design illustrations of doors and mine countermeasures are also included.

Information is current as of June 16, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.