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Item No:61112

1/48 Aircraft Series No.112


Length: 443 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Legendary British Bomber
The Avro Lancaster was the representative British bomber aircraft of WWII. It was a robust design which was capable of dropping massive 10-ton bombs from its cavernous bomb bay. In addition to the Mk.I, which was powered by Merlin engines made by Rolls-Royce, the Packard Merlin-powered Mk.III was also produced. Over 7,000 Lancasters were built and they played a vital part in the destruction of Germany's industrial base by flying 156,000 sorties and dropping approximately 600,000 tons of bombs.
About the Model
★Length: 443mm, Wingspan: 648mm ★Includes two kinds of nose windows, rear gun turret, and exhausts to enable depiction of early- and late-production the Mk.I and Mk.III variants. ★Both pre-painted and unpainted canopy parts are included (with some exceptions). ★Interiors of cockpit, gun turrets, and bomb bay feature fine details. ★Movable nose, dorsal, and tail gun turrets. ★Parts for two Merlin engines are included and cowlings may be detached to showcase them even after assembly. ★Bomb bay doors may be assembled in open or closed positions. Parts for ordnance such as 200lb and 4,000lb. bombs included. ★Slick tires for landing gear feature realistic weighted effect. ★Pilot, radio operator, bombardier, gunner, and ground crew figures are included (5 figures total). ★Comes with four marking options.
  • Parts for nacelles without exhaust covers and 12.7mm machine gun tail turret included.
  • Both pre-painted and unpainted canopy parts are included (with some exceptions).
  • Parts for late-production front canopy, narrow-bladed propellers, and slick tires included.
  • Comes with four marking options, including distinctive nose art.

Information is current as of April 11, 2012. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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