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Item No:60792

1/72 War Bird Collection No.92


Length: 218 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

A Game-Changer
The F-35 Lightning II is a fifth-generation fighter developed with the versatility to perform a number of roles. It combines extremely low observability with exemplary network connectivity and numerous sensors providing a wealth of situational information to its pilot. Three types of F-35 exist at the time of writing. Among them is the F-35A, which is deployed by various countries' air arms including the U.S. Air Force and the Japan Air Self Defense Force. This aircraft - dubbed a "game changer" by maker Lockheed Martin - now joins the extensive Tamiya 1/72 scale War Bird Collection!

About the Model
★This is a 1/72 scale plastic model assembly kit. Fuselage length: 218mm, wingspan: 148mm. ★The low observability form of the F-35A is faithfully captured, with a dedicated parts breakdown for this 1/72 scale model. ★Features finely molded depictions of the radar absorbent material (RAM) coating sections. ★Cockpit and landing gear bay depictions are a particular highlight. ★The model can be assembled in "Beast Mode" with a full complement of ordnance. ★Choose whether to assemble with the canopy open or closed. ★Comes with a pilot figure and three marking options.
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  • ★Extensive research by Tamiya's designers ensures that this is a highly accurate kit. It has a dedicated parts breakdown for this scale.
  • ★Choose an open or closed canopy. The EOTS sensor fairing is molded as a clear component.
  • ★A busy cockpit offers a detailed finish even in this scale, with depictions of the LCD display and ejection seat.
  • ★A seated pilot figure with helmet mounted display (HMD) is included in the kit.
  • ★A full complement of ordnance includes depictions of AIM-9X Sidewinders and GBU-12 Paveway II bombs.
  • ★This image shows the model assembled in "stealth mode," with no external ordnance. The model depicts closed weapons bay doors only.
  • ★When assembled in "air-to-air" mode, the model features underwing AIM-9X Sidewinders.
  • ★With weapons on all of the underwing stations, "beast mode" is an impressive sight.
  • ★The nose landing gear bay features excellent detail including internal ribs and sidewall boxes.
  • ★Compared with its 1/48 scale cousin in the Tamiya line-up, this model's nozze uses only a third of the number of parts yet still achieves a crisp finish.
  • ★Super-fine depictions of the RAM coatings on the fuselage are a real highlight.
  • ★Choose whether to assemble with radar cross section (RCS) enhancers, which are used in training exercises.
  • ★A full color marking guide will prove invaluable during assembly.
  • ★Choose between one U.S. and two Japanese aircraft marking options.
  • ★A highly comprehensive decal sheet and a set of masking stickers are included.

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