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1/72 Warbird Collection no.79
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter (Zeke)
Item No: 60779

Length: 126mm. Image shows assembled and painted model.

A Little Japanese Gem
The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was the Japanese Navy's mainstay fighter throughout WWII. The A6M5 (Model 52) variant followed the A6M3 (Model 22) and was developed to counter the ever more powerful American fighters. This variant featured an exhaust system which provided a small amount of thrust and rounded wingtips which improved dive and roll performance as well as maximum speed. It was first introduced in the autumn of 1943 and went on to serve valiantly until the end of the war.

About the Model
Length: 126mm, Wingspan:153mm Distinctive features of the A6M5, including the refined engine cowling, exhaust system, and short wingspan with rounded wingtips, are accurate reproduced. Detailed cockpit and landing gear wells. Parts to depict open and closed canopies included. Also comes with parts for 330-liter drop tank as well as 3 marking options.


Highly detailed Sakae engine.

Cockpit consists of nearly 20 individual parts, but is also engineered for easy assembly.

Landing gear wells feature realistic depth.

The elegant lines of the Zero are reproduced in this compact, 126mm long model.

Model offers a highly accurate outline from nose to tail.

653rd Air Group, Oita Prefecture 1944

Rabaul Air Group, New Britain Island

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