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Item No:58731

All Electric R/C Car Series No.731


Length: 470 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

This R/C model assembly kit recreates the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR car which took six wins in dominating the 1997 FIA GT Championship. Although inheriting the 2-door coupe form and front section of its base road car, the racecar looked rather different and that aerodynamically honed form is recreated by a polycarbonate body, while separately molded components are used for the nose emblem, A pillar-mounted side mirrors, rear spoiler and rear wing. A full sticker sheet recreates this successful car's livery to round off the model.

TC-01: Seriously Low-Profile
This durable composite monocoque-frame chassis provides shaft driven 4WD from a central motor via front and rear propeller shafts, with oil filled gear differentials. 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs long arms, plus inboard setups front and rear with oil dampers actuated by push rods and rocker arms to allow the use of low-profile bodies. Adjust spacer width to easily alter camber, skid and toe angle settings. Both suspension arms and uprights are identical left, right, front and rear, for more efficient pit work.

★Length: 470mm, width: 194mm, height: 115mm Wheelbase: 257mm Tread: 159mm (front), 163mm (rear) Tire width/diameter: 26/67mm (front & rear) Composite monocoque-frame chassis Midship motor, shaft-driven 4WD Front & rear oil-filled gear differentials 3-piece steering tie-rod Front & rear inboard 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension CVA oil dampers (front & rear) Gear ratio = 7:50:1~5.25:1 (6.56:1 with kit 24T pinion) Type 540 motor and electronic speed controller (ESC) are sold separately.

Separately Required Items
♦Type 540 motor ♦2-channel R/C system w/ESC ♦R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ♦Battery pack & charger

  • The powerful CLK-GTR form is recreated by a polycarbonate body, with a rear spoiler molded as a separate ABS part.

  • Multi-part A pillar-mounted side mirrors are made up of the base and mirror surface.
  • Mounted on twin stays, the rear wing is also molded in ABS plastic.

  • Mesh design wheels are paired with slick tires, with stickers in the box to recreate sidewall logos.
  • The TC-01 suits low-profile bodies thanks to its inboard suspension.
  • Long suspension arms use the same design across the model for easier pit work.

  • The inboard suspension has laid-down dampers actuated via pushrods and rocker arms. This image shows the front.

  • Use spacers to adjust camber, caster and toe angles.

  • Shaft-driven 4WD: the motor is mounted centrally in the monocoque frame, with power going via front and rear propeller shafts.

  • Fine-tune your differentials by changing the oil inside.

  • "A" design suspension arms are tough and realistic!

  • The rear also uses laid-down dampers.

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Information is current as of February 5, 2024. Specifications are subject to change without notice.