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Electric R/C Car Series no.690
1/10 R/C Landfreeder Quadtrack (TT-02FT)
Item No: 58690

Length: 425mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

On the Right Track
This assembly kit creates an R/C model off-road truck which shows high performance on poor surfaces. Its chassis is based upon the TT-02 shaft-driven 4WD unit, with superlative traction from its four individual tracks that helps it plow through snow, sand, mud and other testing conditions. Its 1980s pick-up truck style body is molded in polycarbonate, with fog lamps, grille guard and roll bar recreated using separate metal-plated parts. A polycarbonate chassis cover and wheel well liners help prevent dirt and the like from getting into the chassis and potentially causing damage.

Tracked 4WD Fun: the TT-02FT Chassis
The TT-02FT chassis uses the shaft-driven TT-02 as a base, with track units in place of the four wheels. Each of the track units is attached to upper and lower suspension arms, and is powered via a drive sprocket that attached to the chassis drive shaft; they swing to allow superior contact with the running surface, and feature a sprung roller to allow easier negotiation of smaller obstacles. Plenty of ground clearance is on offer, too. Tracks are a plastic assembly type design with metal link pins, and give minimal power loss from friction for a smooth drive, even at lower speeds. Two types of link are included in the kit - standard, and jutting grouser designs - and can be used in tandem to customize your model's grip. The chassis features a CR-Tuned motor as standard.

This image from the rear shows how the 1980s-inspired truck body and quadruple tracks make for a great look.

Chrome-plated components for the front bull bars and fog lamps ensure that the model has superb realism.

Moving around behind the cab, we can see that the roll bar is also a metal-plated part.

Take a look at the Landfreeder Quadtrack's plentiful ground clearance, which helps it take on rough surfaces.

The front double wishbone suspension features friction dampers to help cushion your ride.

Track units are attached to the chassis drive shaft via a drive sprocket, and use eight individual rollers.

Track units can also swing to help them maintain contact with the surface and give your model vital grip.

The third roller in each track unit is sprung, allowing the unit as a whole to adapt to obstacles underfoot.

Balanced shaft-driven 4WD is on offer thanks to the chassis' TT-02 base, with track units in place of tires.

A polycarbonate chassis cover with wheel well liners helps prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.

The rear double wishbone suspension also features friction dampers to help cushion your ride.

2 link types are included - grouser and standard. Use them in the patterns shown for varying grip levels.

Length: 425mm, width: 247mm, height: 199mm Wheelbase: 251mm@Surface contact: 60mm/track Track width: 39mm Bathtub-type frame Shaft-driven 4WD Front/rear 4-bevel resin differentials 3-piece steering tie-rod 4-wheel double wishbone suspension Front/rear friction dampers Gear Ratio = 8.27:1 (9 further ratios from 11.38:1 to 7.28:1 possible with use of separately-sold pinions) CR-Tuned motor Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
2-channel R/C system w/ESC R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter Battery pack & charger

Information is current as of June 29, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.