Wild Willy 2 Club 8th Meeting
Remodeling Wild Willy 2
Race Report
With just a few extra parts and a little elbow grease,
you can put more "Wild" in your Wild Willy 2!

Remodeling Wild Willy 2
"Wide" Willy
Since the release of Wild Willy 2 several months ago, countless fans have been coloring-up, dressing-up and powering-up their Willys in very creative ways. In this meeting, we will look some easy remodeling work you can perform on your Willy 2. We will show you how to use 1/10 R/C Baha Champ suspension arms to widen the tread of Willy 2, and provide you with a "hopping good" driving experience. Read on to find out how to make the tread of the vehicle longer than the wheelbase, heightening Willy's running stability and wheelie stability. Its time to let Willy 2 stretch his legs!
Click on the images for remodeling steps.

Parts Required for Remodeling
Item Name Item No. Part Name
1/10 R/C Car Baja Champ ITEM58221 C-Parts(X2)
1/10 R/C Car Wild Dagger ITEM58231 Drive Shafts (2 included)
Educational Construction Series-
3mm shaft set
Aluminum Motor Heat Sink ITEM53399
For the availability of parts, please contact your regional agent listed on our homepage.

Race Report
On the 16th of January, the Tamiya Spring Festival was highlighted by the 60 entries into the Wild Willy 2 class race. With all the cars poppin' wheelies at the fire of the starter's pistol, it turned out to be a wildly exciting event. Spectators were enthralled with not only the unique racing action, but also the creatively customized cars.

Race Results:
Champion: Mr. Hajime Shijiki (team TECTRO) /2nd Place: Mr. Seiji Ito (RTC) /3rd Place: Mr. Hisashi Niwayama (TECtori)

Over 300 fans gathered for the event.
Another Beauty Contest winner, check out the paint job!
The starting grid...
Winner of the Car Beauty Contest-just in time for the Year of the Dragon.
This Willy 2 was loaded up with a scratch-built automatic weapon!
Kicking up dirt-Wild Willy 2 style!

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