Wild Willy 2 Club 5th Meeting
Hobby Show Report
The release date of the Wild Willy 2 approaches, but the web page will continue to post information.

Hobby Show Report
The Tokyo Hobby Show was held from October 7-10th at the Tokyo Big Site. The Wild Willy 2 was displayed amid the busy Tamiya booth, much to the admiration of its fans. The car and its options were on display, as well as a video and a wheelie-popping demonstration.
Wild Willy 2 display booth.
Delightful demonstration displaying dynamic wheelie driving.
Examples of 13 option parts including super low friction dampers.
3 color camouflage on display, an example of one of the many painting possibilities.
Large crowds during the public exhibition displays.
The TG10 Aluminum Rear Upright can be attached to the Willy.

Wild Willy 2 at the Tamiya Fair !
The Wild Willy 2 will be on display at the Tamiya Fair on November 6th and 7th in Shizuoka. All fans, including R/C beginners welcome! The Tamiya Fair is concurrent with The Sanyo Tamiya Grand Prix World Championship Finals. In addition to the exciting R/C races, New products including static models, Mini4WD and R/C cars will be on display. Special goods will also be sold.

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