Wild Willy 2 Club 4th Meeting
Watch the Wild Willy 2 Video
Hobby Show Special Corner
Wild Willy Story
Wild Willy 2 Hobby Show Report will be posted after the Hobby Show for our fans who cannot attend.

Watch the Wild Willy 2 Video!
Get your first glimpse of the Wild Willy 2 in action here.
WILLY SCENE (740K, 10 seconds)
Watch three Willy machines in action, doing spin turns and wheelies.

Click here for AVI file.

RUNNING SCENE (860K, 10 seconds)
Watch the Wild Willy's comical off-road performance.

Click here for AVI file.

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Tokyo Hobby Show
Wild Willy 2 will be on display at the Tokyo Hobby Show from 10/7-10/10 (Trade Days: 10/7-8, Public Days: 10/9-10).
Come to the Tokyo International Exhibition Center Big Sight and see the dynamic Wild Willy in action.

Wild Willy Story
This section introdues the original Wild Willy and explains a little about its rich history. For those of you played with Wild Willy as a kid (or for those of you who wish you had), let's take a trip back in time to 1982, when it all began...
Wild Willy at the Races Wild Willy at the Races
When the original Wild Willy appeared, it was a popular racig machine. Nowadays, touring car races are mainstream, but back then off-road racing was more popular. Wild Willy and a host of other racing buggies were engaged in fierce competition. The Wild Willy also had a special race of its own with many participants, young and old alike. Many different colors and motifs were used to decorate the Willy, and the action was fast and furious.

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