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Enter the Chassis
The Wild Willy Story
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Wild Willy 2's designers have been up until the wee hours of the morning putting the final touches on this exciting stunt vehicle.
Just a few more adjustments and Willy will be finely tuned and ready to run wild for you!

Enter the Chassis
Take a close look at the Wild Willy 2 chassis and you will find an all new design featuring a gear box neatly secured in a monocoque frame. Side support bars have been added to the frame to heighten the overall rigidity and enhance Willy's "stunt vehicle" realism. The gearbox comes pre-assembled, allowing the user to easily remove it for maintenance, without taking apart the frame. The running battery is positioned lengthwise toward the rear of the chassis, providing the ideal balance for outstanding wheelie action. The steering servo is mounted centrally on the chassis and holds two steering tie rods of equal length, which control the left/right steering, ensuring reliable handling. Four wheel independent suspension and oversize tires enable high traction and stability. chassis
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frontframegear case 1gear case 2front suspensionrear suspension

bumper Training Bumper also Included in Kit!
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The Wild Willy 2 kit includes two types of bumpers, the Normal Bumper as seen on the Willy pictured above and in our previous meeting, and the Training Bumper pictured at left. As you can see, the Training Bumper is oversized, covering the front tires and protecting the upright arms and suspension from shock in the event of collision. Equip Wild Willy 2 with whichever bumper you like!

**Next Meeting-Wild Running Scenes**

The Wild Willy Story
*This section introduces the original Wild Willy and explains a little about its rich history. For those of you played with Wild Willy as a kid (or for those of you who wish you had), let's take a trip back in time back to 1982, when it all began...
Original Wild Willy The Mechanics of Wild Willy
The original Wild Willy released in 1982 was purposely designed with its weight center in the rear. The motor was positioned behind the rear axle and the battery placed toward the rear of the chassis, giving rise to dynamic wheelie potential. The original Willy was equipped with an independent spring axle suspension on the front and a sturdy trailing link, coil spring on the rear. These mechanics allowed for highly effective off-road performance.

Next Meeting is Coming Soon
If you want to see wild running excitement, check back with us soon for the next meeting of The Wild Willy 2 Club! The Wild Willy Story and other features will also be updated so don't miss out!

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