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1/14 Tractor Truck Option Parts Series No.23

Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit "Euro-Style" (MFC-03)
Item No: 56523
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This Multi-Function Control Unit brings your 1/14 scale R/C tractor to life, with its recreation of highly realistic sounds, lights and vibration, all of which are coordinated by the MFC-03 unit. Engine sounds were digitally recorded from a real L6 diesel engine, currently the most common unit in European trucks: they cover a number of typical truck sounds from engine start-up to idling and a range of sounds to match model speed, replicating rev sounds with excellent quality. Air sounds are also synchronized with truck operation, as are turn signal, horn, coupler connection/separation, brake sound effects and more! A vibration unit provides incredibly realistic shaking. The MFC-03 also acts as a speed controller that enables smooth running at not only high, but also extremely low speeds and when towing separately sold semi-trailers.

【 Lights 】 ●Headlights ●Fog lamp ●Main beam ●Brake lights ●Reverse lights ●Winkers ●Hazard lights ●Auxiliary lights ●Roof lamps ●Speed indicators ●Low voltage warning ●Demo mode 1: manual illumination ●Demo mode 2: slow flashing ●Demo mode 3: slow illumination ●Demo mode 4: quick illumination

【 Sounds 】 ●Ignition ●Alarm 1 (pre-heating) ●Pre-heating ●Engine start (successful) ●Engine start (failed) ●Idling ●Engine sound 1 (towing trailer) ●Engine sound 2 (without trailer) ●Engine sound 3 (revving) ●Engine stop ●Up-shifting ●Down-shifting ●Horn A (low) ●Horn B (high) ●Coupler attachment ●Coupler detachment ●Brakes ●Winkers 1 ●Winkers 2 ●Hazard lamps 1 ●Hazard lamps 2 ●Reverse alarm ●Alarm 2 (lights on, engine stopped) ●Alarm 3 (low electric field intensity) ●Alarm 4 (speaker check) ●Air discharging 1 (after engine start) ●Air discharging 2 (after parking brake is engaged) ●Air discharging 3 (after returning to neutral) ●Air discharging 4 (when idling) ●Air discharging 5 (every 10 secs. while running) ●Air discharging 6 (after braking) ●Air discharging 7 (after engine stop) ●Air discharging 8 (manual)

【 Transmitter Functions 】 ●Steering ●Winkers ●Throttle ●Main beam ●Horn ●Clutch ●Engine start ●Semi-trailer detachment ●Support leg lowering ●Support leg raising ●Winker mode preparation ●Winker cancellation ●Gear shifting ●Shift change sounds ●Lights ●Winker/Hazard switching ●Horn sound switching ●Horn/Support leg switching ●Simulated engine stop ●Winker sound switching ●Definition of gear positions

【 Modes 】 ●Multi Mode (driving, sounds, lights and vibration - the full package!) ●R/C Mode (limited to driving only) ●Demo Mode (display mode; no driving)

【 Vibration Equipment 】 ●Vibration unit ●Vibration unit adjuster

★Click here for an in-depth listing of sounds, lights and functions, plus a functionality comparison with the MFC-01 unit (Item 56511)

The information on this page is correct as of February 28, 2014. Please be aware that specifications may be changed without notice.


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