Wiring the 4-channel receiver
The change from 2-channels to 4-channels is made possible by adding two more wires from the DMD Control Unit T-05 to the receiver. This re-wiring will enable the receiver to pick up 4 signals. The DMD Control Unit T-05 will automatically differentiate signals when turned on.
Connection layout Attaching DMD Control Unit T-05 to 4-channel receiver
*To avoid misconnecting wires from the DMD Control Unit T-05 please affix marker stickers included in kit.

*Please disconnect extension unit (it will not be used)
*Do not connect receiver battery to power source as this may lead to DMD Control Unit T-05 malfunction.
Please refer to picture when attaching wires. Bind wires with nylon cord to avoid tangling.
Reference Picture-Receiver converted from 2-channel to 4-channel use.
-Internal wiring can be affixed to under side of upper hull using Aluminum Reinforced Tape (Option Parts, Product No, 53351).
-If light valve unit is cut or broken, all 4 lamps must be replaced. Please take care when installing.

Compatible 4-Channel Controller
* Please use transmitter with a self-neutral function or control system that can be converted to a self-neutral function. For more information contact the appropriate customer service department of the transmitter's manufacturer.
*Transmitter MUST be compatible with DMD Control Unit T-05.

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