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1/16 R/C M4 Sherman- Upgrade to 4 Channels
1/16 R/C Tank Series No. 14 (ITEM 56014)
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All the hard-core tank action on the popular 1/16 Scale R/C M4 Sherman can take place on 2 channels. Though this may be effecient, in order to initiate turret rotation, cannon elevation, cannon firing, front machine gun firing, and head-light engagement, the tank would have to be still. To overcome this limitation, Tamiya now shows how to upgrade the R/C M4 Sherman to 4 channels, letting you enjoy all the options while the tank is in motion.

The DMD T-05 Control Unit and MF-02 Multi-function unit can be used with a 4-channel transmitter set. Using a 4-channel transmitter and receiver enables you to engage in the same type of simultaneous, on the run action previously available only with the Tiger I.

Please note that the 1/16 Scale M4 Sherman kit does not include explanations concerning the 4-channel upgrade. Information on operation and wiring can be viewed below. *4-channel operation *Wiring of the 4-channel receiver

If using Windows, after downloading the file, choose one of the programs listed below to play video clip:
*Windows95: Windows Media Player
*Windows98: Windows Media Player or Active Movie
If using Macintosh: after downloading the file, use QuickTime Player to view video clip.

*Explanation of the 4-channel upgrade is not included in the model kit. For instructions on operation and wiring, please click below.

4-Channel Operation Wiring of the 4-Channel Receiver

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