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Item No:56014

1/16 R/C Tank Series No.14


Length: 376 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Immense Realism
The M4 Sherman was a mainstay of the Allied WWII war effort, and was manufactured in a number of different variants including the 105mm howitzer depicted by this highly realistic R/C model assembly kit. Along with the accurate form of the vehicle, this model features moving suspension, realistic sounds and even lights for a truly all-encompassing scale armor experience.

★Length: 376mm, Width: 183mm, Height: 205mm ★Fully-Equipped Weight: 3,400g ★Duralumium lower hull ★Die-cast metal drive sprockets, suspension arms and idler wheel bases ★Coil-sprung HVSS suspension ★Pre-assembled twin gearbox ★Pre-assembled plastic double-pin tracks with metal pins
  • ★Full rotation is on offer from the turret, with speed controlled by stick motion.
  • ★The main gun offers 20 degrees of vertical motion, accompanied by authentic sound effects.
  • ★When firing, the main gun lights up and emits a spine-tingling roar as the vehicle itself experiences kickback.
  • ★A speaker unit in the rear of the hull offers booming sounds to give your model serious presence.
  • ★Highly capable HVSS suspension is coil-sprung, and combines with tracks for awesome traction.
  • ★The M2 machine gun and M1 helmeted figure offer superb detail and a further touch of realism.
  • ★The rear rack can be loaded with 1/16 depictions of ammo cases, jerry cans and other accessories.
  • ★Twin Type 380 motors offer plenty of torque at low speeds for powerful running regardless of surface.
  • ★The model is controlled by the DMD T-05 and MF-02 units, for highly realistic running.
  • ★This hefty model comes with a dedicated carry case 678mm x 442mm x 143mm in size!