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スペース LF Battery LF2200-6.6V Racing Pack
Item No: 55102

This is a high performance Lithium-ion battery pack designed for R/C model use. Making it compatible for quick charging is its featured large-capacity high-power output as well as having superior safety characteristics. Minimal self-discharging and reduced memory effects enable long-lasting battery life, allowing approximately 1000 recharging cycles. The balance connector allows a balanced charging for reconditioning of each individual cell. DEANS connector enables a large amount of current flow whilst ensuring a secure attachment. Also includes a connection adaptor for use with Tamiya speed controllers (ESC).

スペース LF-6.6V Battery DC Charger
Item No: 55103

Tamiya's LF-6.6V Battery DC Charger is designed exclusively for charging Tamiya LF-6.6V Batteries and ensures safe and secure charging with an easy one-button operation. Can use a DC stable power supply or a DC12V car battery as a power source. The balance connector allows balance charging for reconditioning of each individual cell. In addition, it is equipped with a protection system for reversed connection and protects the charger itself, power source, and even the battery.
※Requires a separately available stable power supply when taking the input power from AC100V outlets.

スペース LF2200-6.6V Racing Pack & LF-6.6V Battery DC Charger Set
Item No: 55104

This is a perfect set to start experiencing the new generation LF-6.6V battery. Set includes a Tamiya LF Battery LF2200-6.6V Racing Pack and a LF-6.6V Battery DC Charger.
※Requires a separately available stable power supply when taking the input power from AC100V outlets.

★3 Remarkable Points of LF Batteries

1000 Recharging Cycles
The Tamiya LF Battery features approximately 1000 recharging cycles and can be recharged in about 20 minutes by the Tamiya LF Battery DC Charger. Two LF battery packs allow you to enjoy your R/C all day long when you use and recharge the battery packs alternately. A great feature of this battery is its lightweight. It weights approximately half of a Tamiya Ni-MH Battery 7.2V 3700mAh Advanced Pack 3700HV.

Long Life!
This LF battery does not lose its maximum energy capacity as it does not have a memory effect which is observed in rechargeable batteries. Connecting the balance connector to the battery and using balance charging in every 5 charges will recondition each individual cell and help enhance the battery life.

Maintenance Free!
The use of a discharger to recondition the battery after each run is not required anymore. In addition, minimal self-discharging enables long term storing by simply charging the battery to about 50% of its capacity.

※The Tamiya LF Battery is designed for use with R/C cars and tanks. Do not use it for other purposes such as a power source for an Engine Starter Box TW, portable soldering iron, or Spray-Work Basic Compressors. Allow the battery to cool down before charging if the battery is hot after use.

Information is current as of February 18, 2009. Specifications are subject to change without notice.