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Item No:54895

Hop-Up Options No.1895


★This sensored brushless 17.5T motor provides smooth operation at both low and high speeds. ★An internal sensor's positional feedback is combined with the ESC's RPM data to offer a high level of control. ★Brushless design makes for long motor life and reduced maintenance. ★Motor timing is adjustable. ★Use with Tamiya Brushless ESCs TBLE-01S, TBLE-02S and TBLE-03S. ★Use of Item 53508 or 42172 is recommended. ★KV rating: 1,800KV (at second timing increment) ★Input voltage: 6.6V - 7.2V ★Weight (includes cables): 185g


XV-01 Chassis / XV-01T Chassis / XV-01 PRO Chassis: Use extension if cable is too short.
TT-02 Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-SR Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-SRX Chassis kit / BT-01 Chassis / TT-01 TYPE-E Chassis / MF-01X Chassis / M-05 Chassis / M-05 PRO Chassis / M-06 Chassis / M-06 PRO Chassis / MB-01 Chassis / F104 Chassis / F104W Chassis / F104PRO II Chassis / DT-02 Chassis / DT-03 Chassis / DT-03T Chassis / DF-02 Chassis / DF-03 Chassis / TT-02B Chassis: Requires full ball bearings.

Information is current as of June 4, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.