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Item No:53663

Hop-Up Options No.663


★Ball differentials provide a limited slip diff effect, whereby drive is maintained even if one of the driven wheels loses contact with the surface. ★This is an assembly type ball differential, with parts such as gearbox joints included.


TT-02 TYPE-S Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-SR Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-SRX Chassis kit: Use with 53806.
TT-02B Chassis: Front: Insert MB16 (6mm O-rings) into cup joints. Rear: Insert MB16 into N1.
TT-02RR Chassis: Use with kit wheel axles, drive shafts and 53806.
TT-02 Chassis / TT-02D Chassis: Not for use with 54874.
MB-01 Chassis: Use with 53806 on cars with 53597 or 42300.
BT-01 Chassis: Use with 53806 and 42300, 22054 or 53792.