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Item No:48217

1/35 R/C Tank Series No.17


Length: 172 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

An Allied Mainstay
With around 50,000 units produced, the Sherman tank was a durable and successful design, and the M4A3 arguably represents its zenith; utilizing a welded hull and highly reliable V8 gasoline engine, M4A3s can be split into early and late production variants, with the late production M4A3 sporting single plate frontal armor for improved survivability, a dedicated loader's hatch, and wet ammunition storage bins. M4A3s fitted with the 75mm main gun were present on the European mainland after the Normandy landings, and also active in the Pacific Theater.

About the Model
The M4 Sherman tank was a mainstay of the ultimately victorious Allied war effort in WWII; among the models in the Sherman series was the M4A3, recreated by this R/C model assembly in 1/35 scale. Its compact R/C equipment lets you perform turns and pivots in addition to forward and reverse motion, as well as turret rotation and gun elevation, while assembly type tracks ensure that the model runs realistically and looks truly authentic. Model parts are molded in plastic and can be weathered much as one would a static model for a really impressive finish.

★Length: 172mm ★Width: 76mm ★Height: 87mm ★Dedicated R/C control unit included ★2 running motors and 1 motor each for turret rotation and gun elevation included

Separately Required Items
★4x alkaline R03/AAA/UM4 batteries for control unit/model ★4x alkaline R03/AAA/UM4 batteries for transmitter
  • ★Rotate the turret by moving transmitter control stick 2 left and right.
  • ★Pushing control stick 2 up and down elevates and depresses the gun.
  • ★Gearboxes are aft, while pre-assembled turret rotation and gun elevation units are stowed centrally.
  • ★Plastic assembly type tracks ensure smooth motion even at lower speeds, and feature superlative detail.
  • ★Turret shape and cast surface texture are depicted with aplomb, with the M2 machine gun a highlight.
  • ★Parts are largely used from a Military Miniature Series static model, with the attention to detail you expect.
  • ★The kit comes with 3 marking options in total: two from the Battle of the Bulge, and one from the Pacific Theater.
  • ★Take control of your 1/35 Sherman with this intuitive stick type transmitter!
  • Packaging

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