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Special Edition R/C Product
1/10 R/C 1990 Mercedes-Benz C 11
Item No: 47484

Length: 490mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

C is for Class
With seven wins in just eight appearances during the 1990 World Sports Prototype Championship (WSPC), the Mercedes-Benz C 11 was clearly the class of the field - Boasting a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and powerful 5-liter V8 twin turbo engine, it had an unrivalled pairing of speed and reliability. This assembly kit recreates that car in 1/10 scale, with the honed body depicted in polycarbonate, plus stickers included to recreate one of two cars.

Left: Take a look at the aerodynamically honed body from the rear, recreated accurately in polycarbonate.

Right: Separate headlight cases add extra realism; paint and stickers are used for an authentic finish.

Left: The sizable wing is rendered in polycarbonate, with plastic stays holding it in place.

Right: Sponge tires afford the car excellent grip. Goodyear sidewall logo stickers are provided.

Direct-Drive 2WD Chassis
Based around an ABS plastic bathtub, with space frames front and rear and FRP plates, the chassis is a composite design that offers a rigid base to back up the fluid suspension: the result is a crisp, responsive drive. At the front, it has an independent coil-sprung king pin suspension setup, while the rear rigid suspension is a 3-point design with a 1.5mm thickness FRP T-bar and CVA oil damper; teamed up with sponge tires front and rear, they ensure superb road holding. Additionally, use of spacers allows two different front and three rear ground clearance setups.

Left: This image shows the direct 2-piece steering tie-rod setup, and the sturdy front space frame.

Right: A closer look at the front suspension, which uses a king pin and coil spring setup.

Left: A 1.5mm thickness FRP T-bar and CVA oil damper are at the center of the rear suspension.

Right: The model is powered by a Sport-Tuned motor, and uses a direct drive setup with the spur next to the ball differential.

Length: 490mm, width: 206mm, height: 110mm Wheelbase: 280mm Tread: 172m (front), 152mm (rear) Tire width/diameter: 28/64mm (front), 45/68mm (rear) Bathtub frame with space frame and FRP plates Transverse motor direct drive 2WD Ball differential 2-piece steering tie-rod 3-point suspension with CVA oil damper Gear ratio = 5.00:1 Sport-Tuned motor Electronic speed controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
2-channel R/C system w/ESC R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter Battery pack & charger

Information is current as of April 21, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.