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Item No:42374

TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) Series (Parts) No.274


★These O-rings are crafted in a material that provides excellent smoothness of motion while experiencing minimal distortion, meaning that your gear differential will run smoother, for longer, and you will spend less time working on the differential for replacements, etc. ★Contains four O-rings.

Compatible Chassis
DB-01*1, FF-04 EVO, M-07 Concept, M-08 Concept, TA06, TA06 PRO, TA06 MS, TA07 PRO, TA07 MS, TA07 MSX, TB-04, TB-04 PRO, TB-05 PRO, TB Evo.6, TB Evo.6 MS, TB Evo.7, TC-01, TRF419, TRF419X, TRF419XR, TRF420, TRF503, XV-01, XV-01T & XV-01 Chassis

*The official Tamiya R/C Parts Matching List has plenty of information regarding chassis compatible with Tamiya Spare and Hop-Up Option parts.
  • ★The image at right shows an example of installation in Item 51566 TRF419 Differential Case (37T).

Information is current as of March 2, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.