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Item No:36316

1/16 World Figure Series No.16


Size: 115mm (Full-body figure). Image shows assembled and painted figures.

Perfect for Use with Tamiya 1/16 Scale Type 10 Tank Models!
★This is a plastic model assembly kit of Japan Ground Self Defense Force tank crewmen. ★The set features one full-body figure portraying a gunner with Type 89 rifle, plus a commander torso figure pictured surveying the scene in front of his vehicle. ★Transparent parts are included to depict goggles, and insignia/name tag decals are also boxed with the set. ★These figures are a great option for adding even more realism to your Tamiya 1/16 Type 10 Tank R/C or display models.
About the Uniform
Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) tank crew receive goggles and a helmet with integrated headset to insulate them from noise and sandy environments. JGSDF armored division uniform features grips on the back to allow the wearer to be pulled out of their vehicle in an emergency, plus fasteners allowing swift removal of boots. Type 88 helmets are provided for operations outside the tank, as are Type 89 rifles for the gunner and driver.
  • ★The Type 89 rifle is depicted with great accuracy, and fits snugly into the arms of the figure.
  • ★Commander figure features accurate depictions of headgear. Goggles are transparent parts.

Information is current as of April 14, 2015. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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