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Item No:35341

1/35 Military Miniature Series No.341


Image shows assembled and painted kit.

So, What's Our Next Move?
★This realistic set contains 4 figures depicting Japanese Army Officers in a strategy meeting in the field. ★Two senior officers are seated and examining maps at a desk, with one tank and one infantry officer in standing pose. ★A multitude of parts recreates officers' swords, map pouch, binocular case and more. ★Features parts capturing desks and chairs, field telephones and case, telephone cable reel, radio and generator, plus infantry gun ammo cases. ★Decals are included to allow depicition of insignia and printed box markings. ★Instruction manual includes a scale cut-out map. ★Perfect for diorama use with such Japanese vehicle models as the Type 97 or Type 1.
About the Uniform
The Type 98 uniform was introduced in 1938, and worn as standard officer dress from the Second Sino-Japanese War through the Pacific War. It featured a stand and fall collar. While enlisted troops and non-commissioned officers were issued with uniform, officers were expected to ready their own. Officers were also required to use their own sword, which led to a plethora of different lengths, shapes, tsuba hand guards and so on. Some blades were kept in leather scabbards, while others used bound cloth grips. Privately-owned pistols were often carried.
  • ★A veritable plethora of parts will add authority to any diorama you choose to create.
  • ★This detailed set includes parts to recreate 8 separate infantry gun ammo boxes.
  • ★Included decals recreate insignia from General to 2nd Lieutenant, plus wooden box markings.

Information is current as of November 10, 2014. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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