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1/35 Military Miniature Series no.295
German Heavy Tank Destroyer Jagdtiger Early Production
Item No: 35295

Length: 301mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

The Strongest, Last Tiger
The middle stages of WWII saw the production of the worldfs heaviest and most powerful AFV of its time, the Jagdtiger. Featuring on the Jagdtiger was a long barreled 12.8cm gun which showed great offensive capabilities. While based on the King Tiger's chassis, the newly designed Jagdtiger was approximately 30cm longer. Along with its new design, the larger fixed fighting compartment was given a 250mm thick front defensive armament which was unique to this vehicle. First appearing at the Ardennes offensive in December 1944, the Jagdtiger mostly fought against Allied forces in Western Germany from January 1945. Until the end of the war, the Jagdtiger continued to menace and ambush Allied forces from distances of 3,000m or more.

About the Model
This is a 1/35 scale plastic assembly model kit. Length: 301mm, width 107mm. šThe Jagdtiger's solid form and impressive gun are realistically captured. šThe larger hull and early production features such as the spare track racks and jack are realistically reproduced. šComes with a separately molded part for the fighting compartment roof. The main gun can be assembled in a recoiled state. Shell rack, gun mount, floor panel, and other interior parts have been accurately reproduced. šSeparately molded disc parts for the road wheels add extra depth to the model. šGun travel lock can be assembled stowed or deployed. šFive kinds of markings for the 653rd Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion are included.


šTake a look at the model from the rear. The longer hull, massive fighting compartment and big gun are realistically depicted.

šRough cast metal surface textures are authentically depicted, while commander and driver torso figures add to the realism.

šInterior elements such as the gun breech and mount are artfully recreated. The barrel can be attached in standard or recoiled position.

šEngine air intake netting is recreated using photo-etched parts, ensuring that this section of the model bristles with fine detail.

šThis image gives a closer look at the photo-etched parts sprue which is included in this kit.

šA choice of assembly and belt type tracks (paint- and cement-able) is included. Separate disc sections of road wheels give superior accuracy.

šThis image shows the model with assembly type tracks fitted. The modeler can choose between a stowed or a deployed gun travel lock.

šMovable fighting compartment rear hatch doors recreations allow inspection of the interior, even after completion of the model.

šThis kit also includes a full color painting guide for use in finishing the model, particularly in recreation of the spotted camouflage.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/35 German Heavy Tank Destroyer Jagdtiger Early Production

Tamiya Color Spray Paint Tamiya Color Spray Paint Tamiya Color Spray Paint
TS-1 Red brown TS-2 Dark green TS-3 Dark yellow

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint
LP-55 Dark yellow 2 LP-56 Dark green 2 LP-57 Red brown 2
LP-3 Flat black LP-4 Flat white LP-11 Silver
LP-27 German gray LP-54 Dark iron LP-61 Metallic gray
LP-66 Flat flesh --- ---

Tamiya Color Tamiya Color Tamiya Color
XF-60 Dark yellow XF-61 Dark green XF-64 Red brown
XF-88 Dark yellow 2 XF-89 Dark green 2 XF-90 Red brown 2
X-10 Gun metal X-11 Chrome silver X-18 Semi gloss black
XF-1 Flat black XF-2 Flat white XF-15 Flat flesh
XF-56 Metallic grey XF-84 Dark iron ---

šUseful tools and materials in the construction of your model
Item 74112 Fine Pin Vise D-R (0.1-3.2mm)
Item 74134 Fine Pivot Drill Bit 1.0mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)

šPrecision cementing
Item 87062 Tamiya CA Cement (Quick Type)

šPresent your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73007 Display Case F

Information is current as of February 17, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.