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1/48 Military Miniature Series No.97
German Tank Panther Ausf.D
Item No: 32597

Length: 186mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

The First Panther
Widely regarded as one of the finest German WWII armor designs, the Panther's story began with the Ausf.D variant. Panthers had exemplary survivability on account of well sloped armor, impressive firepower from a 7.5cm gun, and a 700hp engine giving good mobility - truly a complete performance package. It debuted in the pivotal Battle of Kursk in July 1943 and made an immediate impact, taking out enemy armor from range. Later in the war, Ausf.A and Ausf.G variants were also produced.

About the Model
★This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 186mm, width: 73mm. ★The Panther Ausf.D form with sloped armor and 7.5cm gun is authentically reproduced in a compact 1/48 scale. ★Cast mantlet texture and weld lines are recreated. ★Assembly type tracks utilize one-piece straight sections. ★Comes with a torso figure and two marking options for Battle of Kursk vehicles.


★Left: With 7.5cm gun and sloped armor the Panther cut an imposing figure, and that form is faithfully recreated by this kit.

★Right: Assembly type tracks give a realistic finish, and include single-piece straight sections for ease of construction.

★Left: Panther Ausf.D details such as the horizontal jack position are of course captured. String is provided for tow cables.

★Right: A commander torso figure is included for installation in the cupola. Realistic pose and expression add yet more detail.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/48 German Tank Panther Ausf.D

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint
LP-3 Flat black LP-54 Dark iron
LP-55 Dark yellow 2 LP-56 Dark green 2
LP-57 Red brown 2 LP-61 Metallic gray
LP-65 Rubber black LP-66 Flat flesh

Tamiya Color Tamiya Color Tamiya Color
X-11 Chrome silver XF-1 Flat black XF-15 Flat flesh
XF-52 Flat earth XF-53 Neutral grey XF-56 Metallic grey
XF-64 Red brown XF-84 Dark iron XF-85 Rubber black
XF-88 Dark yellow 2 XF-89 Dark green 2 XF-90 Red brown 2

★Useful tools in the construction of your model
Item 74007 Screwdriver No.1 M

★Precision cementing
Item 87062 Tamiya CA Cement (Quick Type)

★Make the details stand out!
Item 87131 Panel Line Accent Color (Black)
Item 87132 Panel Line Accent Color (Brown)
Item 87140 Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Brown)

★Adding realistic weathering effects to your model
Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick

★Present your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73004 Display Case C

Information is current as of November 20, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.