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Item No:32591

1/48 Military Miniature Series No.91


Length: 133 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Kicking Up a Sturm
This rather rare WWII German AFV featured a fearsome 38cm rocket launcher mounted upon the proven Tiger I chassis, and was developed for use against heavily fortified enemy positions, against which it would fire 1.5m long, 350kg rocket-powered projectiles. In terms of survivability, too, the Sturmtiger's fighting compartment was well-equipped, with 15cm of frontal armor and 8cm on the sides. All told, a mere 18 examples were produced, between August and December 1944; they were deployed in occupied Poland, and even on German home soil as the conflict ground to its conclusion.
About the Model
★This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit recreating the Sturmtiger. Length: 133mm, width: 78mm. ★The powerful form of the vehicle is accurately captured using an intuitive parts breakdown. ★Rifling detail has been molded into the barrel of the stubby main gun. ★Fighting compartment armor plate parts breakdown was based upon the weld lines of the actual vehicle. ★Main gun offers traverse, elevation and depression. ★Assembly-type tracks feature 1-piece straight sections. ★Comes with a full body figure depicting a soldier standing outside the vehicle. ★Weights are included for installation in the hull, giving a realistically heavy feel.
*Please note that the model used in pictures on this page has separately sold Item 12672 Zimmerit Sticker Sheet applied.
★ Zimmerit Coating Sheet for 1/48 Scale Sturmtiger

Detail-Up Parts Series No.72
Item 12672

★Also going on sale is this set, which is designed just for the 1/48 Sturmtiger! ★Zimmerit anti magnetic mine coating is recreated with a realistic 3D finish. Just cut out the stickers and apply to the model. ★One set contains stickers to kit out 2 models. *Please note that the model used in pictures on this page has separately sold Item 12672 Zimmerit Sticker Sheet applied.
  • ★The menacing form with chunky fighting compartment and stubby 38cm mortar is artfully captured.
  • ★The 38cm mortar features internal rifling details, and has optional separate parts depicting counterweight.
  • ★Also depicted is the fighting compartment-mounted crane for loading the massive 38cm projectiles.
  • ★Realistic assembly type depictions of the wide tracks utilize one-piece straight sections.
  • ★Make this kit into a mini-diorama using the included figure depicting a soldier on his feet.
  • ★Also going on sale separately is Item 12672, recreating Zimmerit anti magnetic mine surfaces.

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Recreating mud and dirt

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Recreating mud and dirt

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