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1/48 Military Miniatures Series No.24 (ITEM 32524)

Overall length: 128mm, Image shows fully painted and assembled model

Backbone of the Panzerkorps
This scaled-down version of the 1/48 Panzer III Ausf.L features masterful detail in a compact package. The tank's L/60 cannon is accurately depicted, together with impressive reproduction of the spaced armor panels added to the turret and hull front. Further exquisite detailing, which is amazingly simple to assemble, includes spare track roller wheels and miscellaneous equipment mounted onto the hull. This model includes separate parts to depict hull-side escape hatches and shot deflector below the gun mantlet, features that were dropped from later versions of the Ausf.L. Assembly type treads even capture realistic slackness of the upper track section. Kit includes 3 sets of markings to depict units including the sPzAbt 502 serving in Russia and the 10th Panzer Division in Tunisia.

About the PanzerKampfwagen III Ausf.L
The Ausf. L version of the German main battle tank Pz.Kpfw. III was produced from July 1942, and possessed basic structure and performance specifications similar to previous versions. Armament consisted of an improved, long barreled Kwk50 L/60 tank gun, which was effective against Russian T34 tanks up to a range of 600m, plus two 7.92mm MG34 machine guns. Front armor thickness was increased to 57mm, and 20mm thick spaced armor was added to the gun mantlet as well. The suspension system was strengthened to cope with the 200kg of added weight. In total 635 Ausf. L's were produced by the end of 1942, most seeing active service on the Eastern and North African Fronts.

Basic Specifications
Assembly model of the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf.L on a compact 1/48 scale
Hull-mounted equipment depicted through a combination of molded and separate parts, realizing the perfect marriage of convenience and realism!
Spaced armor on turret and hull front is realistically depicted
Includes separate parts to depict hull-side escape hatches and shot deflector below the gun mantlet, features that were dropped from later versions of the Ausf.L
Commander's hatch may be built open or closed. Use with separately available figure for increased display options
Tank treads are assembly type, with straight upper and lower treads made of single piece for easy assembly
Die-cast lower hull for extra weight and enhanced realism
Choice of 3 sets of markings

Use With Accessory Sets to Build Dioramas

Brick Wall, Sand Bag & Barricade Set Item 32508

4 types of walls accurately reproducing bricks seen in Europe during WWII
2 types of sand bags to reproduce sand bags piled up or as individual pieces.
Reproduces a variety of barricades made from different material, including steel rails and wooden logs.

1/48 Road Sign Set Item 32509
This set includes a large selection of military and civilian signs found in Eastern and Western Europe during the WWII years. Signs have been meticulously researched and reproduced on high quality decals for the ultimate in historical accuracy. Set comes with a variety of telegraph poles, street lights, fences, posts and other scenery accessories to add detail and atmosphere to military dioramas*Click here for more information

1/48 Jerry Can Set Item 32510

Set includes both German and Allied jerry cans and fuel drums
Wide variety of uses including adding finishing touch to tanks and aircraft.
Bags and material carefully reproduced with detailing of creases and rolls.

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