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1/48 Military Miniature Series No.13 (ITEM 32513)

Image shows fuly painted and assembled models

Looking For A Few Good Men?
Tamiya introduces a set of 15 high quality plastic assembly 1/48 scale figures. Models depict 13 WWII U.S. infantry GIs in charging and firing poses as well as 2 tank crewmen to use as accessories for AFV models. Set includes separate plastic weapons and equipment for added realism

The U.S. Infantry in WWII
The U.S. army's WWII military campaign was based around its company units. At the core of these units were squads consisting of no more than twelve soldiers. Each squad included a Sergeant ranked squad leader, a Corporal ranked assistant squad leader, a machine gunner and riflemen. The most recognizable uniform worn by U.S. troops during WWII was the M1941 field jacket, based on a civilian jacket design, and the M1943 field jacket (modified version of the M1941). Featuring four large pockets, the M1943 was developed in order to standardize military uniform and was supplied to soldiers from late 1943. However, due to production delays, the M1941 continued to be used widely by many troops. Troops in winter made use of overcoats and mackinaw coats derived from civilian items, as well as mufflers, gloves and the like. Crews of U.S. armored vehicles preferred to wear the warm and functional "tanker's jacket."

About the Model
1 Set Includes:
Noncommissioned Officer x 2
Rifleman x 5
BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) man x 2
Machine gunner x 1
Bazooka gunner x 1
Loader x 2
Tank crewman x 2
Separate sprue for weapons and equipment

Image shows German Infantry model

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