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1/48 Military Miniature Series No.1
Item 32501

*Aircraft not included.

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Pictures show fully painted and assembled model.

About the German Kübelwagen Type 82

In February 1936, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche presented his first prototype of the "People's Car", which was to be the base of the Volkswagen "Beetle". However, with the outbreak of WWII, all manufacture of the Volkswagen was immediately turned to military production. In January 1938, German Defense Forces presented specifications for a military version of this practical vehicle. In November of that same year, a prototype was completed and it was officially designated Pkw. K1 "Kübelwagen" Type 82. The vehicle used a light but sturdy monocoque construction with foldable canvas top. With its reliable engine and heavy duty suspension, the Kübelwagen immediately came to be used by every unit, from the scorching desert of Africa to the frozen Russian Eastern Front. About 51,000 Kübelwagens, including several variations, rolled out from the factory by the end of WWII.

About the Model

★Plastic assembly kit of the German Kubelwagen Type 82. Overall length: 79mm. ★Perfect for people who want to create realistic dioramas with their 1/48 scale aircraft. ★Every characteristic of a late production Kubelwagen such as short rear fenders has been reproduced. ★The interior has been replicated down in great detail. ★Front doors come as separate parts and can be attached in opened or closed position. ★Set includes 2 figures in standing position, one holding a map and the other giving instructions just before flight.

4 markings options included

Kit comes with decals for 4 different markings including 3 vehicles from the Luftwaffe. One is a vehicle from the JG.3 wearing a three-tone camouflage and another one from the JG.53. Markings for one Wehrmacht Kubelwagen are also provided.

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