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Item No:31805

1/700 Water Line Series


About the Prinz Eugen
The Germania Belst Company from Kiel constructed the Prinz Eugen as the third and last Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser to be commissioned by the Kriegsmarine. Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruisers were characteristically larger than heavy cruisers from other countries, and the huge Prinz Eugen was elongated an additional 5 meters. With a displacement tonnage measuring at over 14,000tons this enormous German cruiser packed the firepower of four 20.3cm twin gun turrets for its main armament. In May of 1941 the Prinz Eugen participated in Operation Rheinubung to intercept trade ships in the Atlantic. On this mission she joined forces with the Battleship Bismarck to help sink the British Battle Cruiser Hood and inflict considerable damage on the British Battleship Prince of Wales. In February of 1942, the Prinz Eugen, together with the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau left their docks at Brest for Norway on an unexpected dash through the British Channel in broad daylight. Known as Operation Cerberus, this was to be one of the riskiest, yet best prepared and best coordinated operations carried out by German forces in the Second World War. After arriving safely in German waters, Prinz Eugen was active in the strategic withdrawal from the Russian front, firing thousands of shells at encroaching Russian forces when she provided support for evacuation ships carrying German troops and civilians. One of the few German cruisers to survive World War II, the Prinz Eugen now rests in the warm waters of the Marshal Islands. After enduring two atomic bomb tests she lies capsized in the calm shallows of the Kwajelein Atoll.

About the Model
Tamiya presents a plastic model assembly kit of the Heavy German Battle Cruiser, Prinz Eugen. ★1/700 scale, total length: 303mm, total width: 31mm. ★Equipment and armament faithfully recreated. Prinz Eugen can be assembled as it appeared in two different operations: Operation Rheinubung, 1941 and Operation Cerberus, 1942. In Operation Cerberus, Prinz Eugen was equipped with 5 additional 20mm AA-gun quadruple turrets for the "Channel Dash." ★Every detail of the ship's form is accurately recreated down to the subtle line separating the left and right side of the ship's hull. Weaponry, searchlight, and the minutest onboard equipment are all portrayed in breathtaking detail.
  • The ships massive silhouette bears remarkable resemblance to that of the Battleship Bismarck. This feature was significant during Operation Rheinubung when the British Battle Cruiser Hood, in a fatal tactical error, mistook Prinz Eugen for the Bismarck.
  • The Prinz Eugen's sharp "clipper" bow expertly designed for wave cutting is accurately portrayed. Details of the anchor and Hawse Pipe have been authentically crafted.
  • 10.5cm twin turret and 3.7cm twin turret guns, as well as observation deck, AA command center, search lights, and all the fine details of the bridge have been faithfully recreated.
  • Search lights on the sides of the funnel can be assembled in the open or closed position. Arado Ar196A reconnaissance craft recreated in fine detail.
  • The 20.3mm guns that obtained the first hits on the Battle Cruiser Hood. 4 twin turrets can be rotated after assembly.
  • Where's Eugen? Enjoy painting the unique camouflage pattern of the Kriegsmarine!

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