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Item No:31713

1/700 Water Line Series


Length: 396 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

A Favourite Sister
The CV-3 Saratoga was launched as the second ship in the U.S. Navy's Lexington class of aircraft carriers in April 1925 and commissioned in November 1927. Fondly nicknamed "Sister Sara", she was in fact originally laid down as a battle cruiser but converted into an aircraft carrier during construction. Thus, she had a more slim-line hull than other carriers and featured an enclosed bow that was unusual for the times but improved protection from higher swells. The large starboard-side funnel was positioned almost in the center of the ship and featured the bridge with 5-inch guns immediately ahead of it. Sister Sara was the longest aircraft carrier to take part in operations in the Pacific, and she withstood some fearful assaults and damage to survive WWII. Her final contribution to the U.S. cause came in 1946, when she was used as a target and sunk in nuclear tests together with the Japanese ship Nagato among others.
About the Model
This is a plastic model assembly kit of the U.S. aircraft carrier CV-3 Saratoga. It depicts her as she appeared in the Battle of Iwo Jima in February 1945. ★Length: 396mm, width: 55mm. ★The slim-line form originally intended as a battle cruiser is recreated in left and right side hull pieces. ★The flight deck is molded in a single piece, including details such as arresting wires, and the central guide rails used for moving seaplanes. ★The starboard side bulge gave the Saratoga an asymmetrical form which is faithfully captured by the model. ★Large starboard funnel and bridge to its fore are also realistically replicated. ★The model is packed with details, including recreations of the Mk.37 gun director, SK radar antenna and funnel-front SM radar, plus 40mm quadruple and 5-inch gun positions, and even lifeboats! ★Waterline plate is attached as an integrated part of the hull. ★Decals are provided to recreate lines and deck-top markings for a highly effective finish. ★Parts to recreate four each of Avenger fighter and Hellcat bomber aircraft with radar pods are also included.
  • ★The CV-3 Saratoga becomes the longest model in the famed Water Line Series at an impressive 396mm.
  • ★Accurately recreates features such as the large funnel, bridge to its fore, and antenna equipment.
  • ★The enclosed bow, which was rarely seen on WWII carriers, is captured with excellent detail.
  • ★The model depicts the Saratoga from 1945, with enlarged bulge and stoppered anchor bell mouth on her starboard.
  • ★The long flight deck is depicted using a single part. Lines and other details are recreated using decals.
  • ★Included Avenger and Hellcat aircraft models are depicted in night fighter spec with radar pods.

Information is current as of June 30, 2014. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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